Shoes That Make Men Taller

While women are given the option of high-heeled shoes to appear taller, men are often left in the dark as to how to increase their height without being obvious about it. While men technically can wear anything they like, they would certainly get some strange looks as they walked down the street in a business suit and high heels. There are a few ways men can look taller without drawing attention to their feet.


Platform shoes have slightly thicker soles than traditional men's shoes, but can add 1 to 3 inches to a man's height. The concept is similar to women's platform shoes, where the soles are stacked to add substantially more height. An issue some find with the platform shoe is just how much larger the sole is. The height of the sole can draw attention to the fact that a man is wearing a platform shoe.

Elevator Shoe

Elevator shoes' heels are built up to create a slightly taller appearance. The heel of the shoe has a taller, but very thick platform in it that can increase the height of a man by 2 inches. The heel is built up from the inside of the shoe to create a taller appearance, while keeping the sole the same size as found in traditional men's shoes.

Invisible Elevator Shoe

 Invisible elevator shoes use the heightening aspect of the elevator shoe and place it on the inside of the sole to create a less obvious appearance. These shoes offer soles that are the same size as traditional men's shoes, but the inside of the heels and toes are built up with padding to create a higher appearance. The height increase can range from 1 to 3 inches, depending on preference and shoe style.


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