What to Wear if You Are a Short and Skinny Man

What short and skinny men lack in height and weight, they make up for in clothing options. Short and skinny men may actually find it easier to find clothing to fit them more easily than taller and heavier men. In addition, certain clothing and shoe styles can add the illusion of height.

Colors and Fabrics

Avoiding certain patterns can help shorter men to appear taller. Fabrics made of plaid or checkered patterns can make short men look more compact. Instead, consider wearing solid colors in a darker shade. Wearing dark-colored shirts with matching colored pants will present a more elongated look, particularly when paired with a pair of shoes in the same color. Go easy on accessories such as necklaces or flashy belt buckles. Anything that breaks up the color pattern will counteract the illusion of length you are trying to create.

Properly Fitted Pants

Properly fitted pants are key when it comes to dressing short or skinny men. Cuffed pants can make your legs appear shorter. Instead, wear pants that have been properly hemmed just where the pants fall at the shoes; this will lend a sleek, stylish look that also adds the illusion of height. Pants that are too low at the rise will also make your legs look shorter. Instead, pants should be fitted in order to prevent the area between the waist and the crotch from appearing boxy. Also, whenever possible, avoid pleats, which cut into your clean, vertical line and can make you appear shorter.

High Neck Shirts

 V-neck T-shirts and sweaters can emphasis a skinny neck on thinner men. Instead, choosing high neck shirts such as crew necks and turtle necks can help to camouflage a thin looking neck and make the torso appear longer. Layering a turtle neck under a V-neck sweater or a long-sleeve knit under a T-shirt can also make thin men appear heavier.

Dressing in Layers

Thin men may benefit by layering their clothing in order to give the appearance of added bulk. Wearing a long-sleeve shirt under a T-shirt will not only hide skinny arms, but the extra layers of clothing can also give the appearance of broadness across the chest and back. In winter, choosing heavier coats and sweaters will give thinner men extra warmth and help to make them appear heavier, particularly when worn over other articles of clothing.


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